January 2020 Tuesday Fellowship

Saturday 11th January 2020

The first meeting of 2020 for The Tuesday Fellowship Group at Illingworth Moor welcomed our Minister, Rev. Paul Welch. Paul told us about the Photographic group which meet every month at Church on the second Wednesday at 10.00am. The members are given a topic and the following month email them to Paul or bring their pictures along and discuss them. Paul showed over 250 photographs covering such topics as “The Seasons”, “Architecture” and “People” and how the members had interpreted the topic.

Margaret Crawshaw thanked Paul for a really interesting presentation and Paul said that anyone is welcome to come along to his group.

The next meeting is on 4th February at 2.30pm when Allan Stuttard will give a talk entitled “Waterwheel to email” and all are welcome. There will also be a Bring and Buy sale.