Church Building

Rooms in the church are available for hire – use the Contact Us page to get in touch for more details.

We have a spacious main hall with a dedicated sanctuary area and two smaller meeting rooms, with a fully equipped kitchen and modern toilet facilities.

Disabled access is compliant with current regulations.

Please note that alcohol is not allowed on Methodist premises.

Community Minibus

Good News. We will shortly be getting a new (to us) minibus for the church and the local community. The old one ran for many years but finally gave up. Previous users can contact William as before and new users can contact us through this website.

Users are not charged a hire fee but simply pay for the fuel they use. The church relies on donations to pay for running costs.

Groups that use the bus must fit one of the following three criteria:
(a) a group which is part of Illingworth Moor church;
(b) a member of IM church driving for a group of friends, or;
(c) a community group from the Halifax area, voluntary aided, charitable or benevolent, and non-political.
Other groups may use the bus but must seek approval from the church, stating the aims and objectives of their group.

The bus holds up to 16 passengers, is fully insured and operates under a VOSA Section 19 permit. SatNav is available if required. Drivers must be over 21 and hold D1 category.

Use the Contact Us page to get in touch for more details.
Click here to read the Bus documentation.

Presentation Equipment
The church has access to various items of presentation equipment including projectors, screens etc. available for use in the Circuit.

Use the Contact Us page to get in touch for more details.

Mobility Scooter
This has been donated to the church and is available for “hire”, but most be booked in the diary. See either Christine Hogan or Val for more details. Users are asked to give a donation in lieu of hire charges.